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1st match/K-1 Rule
Marcos 'LEAF' won 3R 2:00 TKO against Leonardo 'Shogun'

2nd match/K-1 Rule
Diguinho 'LIRA' won 2R 1:03 TKO against Lucimar 'Chad Mendes'

3rd match/MUAY THAI
Dircenio 'Fists of Steel' won 1R 1:47 TKO against Betinho

4th match/K-1 Rule
Jean Durte won against Fabricio Norato by Unanimous Decision

5th match/MUAY THAI
RAFAEL 'Chives' won 2R 1:51 TKO against Wildcard LIRA

6th match/MUAY THAI
Jackon OLIVEIRA won 2R 1:25 TKO against SPIDER

7th match/MUAY THAI
ARTHUR 'Little Machine' won against Estael 'Custeleta' by Unanimous Decision

8th match/MUAY THAI
Jessica 'Thai' won 2R 0:59 TKO against Camika 'CACA' Lira

9th match/K-1 Rule
Thiago 'Chicken' won against Carlos 'Brown' by Unanimous Decision

10th match/K-1 Rule
Luciano Silva won 2R 1:46 KO against VETINHO

11th match/MUAY THAI
Marcio Laroba won 2R 1:20 KO against Everton Feng

12th match/MUAY THAI
Ramon 'Turkish' won against Ruan Motta byWalk Over

13th match/MUAY THAI
Geraldo Taz won 3R 1:59 KO against Scolari

14th match/MUAY THAI
Gabriel Felip won against Diego 'Zangadinho'
2R 2:00 Discontinuance

15th match/MUAY THAI
Cyborg won against Alexandre Lana
2R 2:00 Discontinuance

16tn match/K-1 Rule
Alberto 'Alley Oop' won 3R 1:09 KO against Ramiro 'Badr Hari'

17th match/MUAY THAI
Gabran Cardoso won against KILLER byWalk Over

18th match/K-1 Rule
Julio Cesarchaves won against Gustavo by Split Decision

19th match/K-1 Rule
Andre Moraes won against Dalmo Cavacci by Unanimous Decision

20th match/MUAY THAI
Nildimar Alves won 5R 1:27 KO against Hugo

21st match/MUAY THAI
Marcos Tubarao won against Shaffer Felpe by Unanimous Decision

22nd match/MUAY THAI
David Barth won 2R 1:10 TKO against Betowen

23rd match/K-1 Rule
Gustavo Carvalho won against Tomaz Marra by Unanimous Decision
12052901.jpg 560×4899 431K

■2012/05/28(Mon)  Masayoshi Kakutani in IGF, 26, MAY
12052822.jpg 560×4912 227K

■2012/05/28(Mon)  Jerome Le Banner in IGF, 26, MAY
12052821.jpg 560×2808 146K

■2012/05/28(Mon)  Bradock Silva vs Badr Hari in K-1 Main Event
Bradock Silva fought against Badr Hari in K-1 Madrid Main Event.
Bradock lose by judgement.
But it is good match.
12052802.jpg 560×2252 119K

■2012/05/27(Sun)  Jerome Le Banner and Masayoshi Kakutani
Yesterday, IGF GENOME 20 was held in Tokyo Dome City Hall.
Masayoshi Kakutani fought against Akira Jo, it's draw.
Jerome Le Banner won against Alexander Kozlov by K.O. win in IGF Championship.
12052711.jpg 560×1580 98K

■2012/05/25(Fri)  NOBU HAYASHI FIGHT NIGHT 3 in Brazil
Soon, NOBU HAYASHI FIGHT NIGHT 3 will hold in Brazil.
Same day of K-1 RISING 2012 in MADRID, 27, MAY, 2012.
12052501.jpg 560×263 65K

■2012/05/24(Thu)  BATTLE FOR THE BELTS poster
9, June, 2012.
WBC Muay Thai Super Cruise weight WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
Steve McKinnon(Champ) vs Frank Munoz
12052401.jpg 560×787 121K

■2012/05/22(Tue)  K-1 SUPER FIGHT
12052209.jpg 560×904 85K

■2012/05/22(Tue)  Nikolas Motta KO WIN in WOCS 19
Nikolas Motta fought against Caiubi Ajala in WOCS 19 Rio de Janeiro on 18 MAY.
Nikolas won by KO Win.
12052201.jpg 560×2844 215K

■2012/05/22(Tue)  Raul Catinas Next Match
Raul Catinas Next Match is on 7, July in Belgrade or Varna
12052115.jpg 560×618 31K

■2012/05/21(Mon)  FRANK MUNOZ in WBC MUAY THAI World Title Match!
On 9, June in Thai Bankok.
WBC MUAY THAI Super Cruiser Weight World Title Match.
12052111.jpg 560×1329 110K

■2012/05/18(Fri)  Marjan Olfers in de krant
12051802.jpg 560×806 128K

■2012/05/18(Fri)  Chakuriki Fighting Gala 5(in Osaka Japan) Video
Atsushi Tamafusa vs Nildimar Alves

Semi Final 2
Yuto Tsujide vs Yoshi Hurricane

Semi Final 1
Riki Matsuoka vs MOTOKI

■2012/05/13(Sun)  The Final: Raul Catinas vs Daniel Sam
13051304.jpg 560×6617 359K

■2012/05/13(Sun)  Semi Final: Raul Catinas vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik
12051303.jpg 560×3090 152K

■2012/05/13(Sun)  Raul Catinas become SuperKombat Champion
Semi Final: Raul Catinas won against Jairzinho Rozenstruik by KO in Round 2.

The Final: Raul Catinas won against Daniel Sam by unanimous decision.

Raul Catinas become SuperKombat World Grand Prix Champion!

12051302.jpg 560×345 40K

■2012/05/12(Sat)  CHAKURIKI BRAZIL 5 Promise
12051202.jpg 560×376 45K
The five golden rules of our style are:

1 - we will strive to live to the fullest style Chakuriki the best
2 - we will be faithful and respect our teachers
3 - we have self control and abstain from any kind of violence
4 - brothers and between us we have a strong and loyal brotherhood.
5 - we believe that strong discipline and method of formation of our style are benefits for both body and mind and with courtesy and respect will achieve our goals!

■2012/05/10(Thu)  27.MAY. Nobu Hayashi Fight Night in Brazil
This Fighting Gala is praying for Nobu Hayashi better condition.
12051009.jpg 560×2544 340K

■2012/05/10(Thu)  Frank Munoz vs Ayaydin Yuksel
12051001.jpg 560×1552 78K

■2012/05/08(Tue)  Jerome Le Banner & Jo Prestia
12050802.jpg 560×800 71K

■2012/05/04(Fri)  RAUL CATINAS in Super Kombat World Grand Prix 2
12050401.jpg 560×799 85K
Raul Catinas will participate in Super Kombat World Grand Prix 2.
Raul Catinas will fight against Daniel Sam(UK) in Grand Prix Semi Final.
We all hope Victory of Raul.

■2012/05/01(Tue)  Peter, Jerome, Hesdy in IT'S SHOWTIME
12050101.jpg 560×791 82K
Saturday, June, 30, 2012
16:00/OPEN 18:00/START
Music Hall & BFN Group Present Vorst Nationaal Brussel

Jerome Le Banner vs Kreshnik
Peter Aerts vs Sporng
Hesdy Gerges vs Verhoeven

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